How it works

Go shopping

Select Moona at payment during checkout, you choose Moona as the payment option to get an instant £5 discount on the payment page.

Membership offer

Shoppers choose to become a Moona member. After a 7-day free trial period, they pay an annual membership fee. After one year, your membership will automatically renew. To end your membership, click here at any time.

*The screens are subject to evolutions.

Enjoy unlimited discounts

You complete your payment with any debit or credit card and get their first discount immediately. Once payment is complete, you will be redirected to the store, just as with any payment solution. Stay on as a Moona member for just £29.90 per year to get a £5 discount every time you pay with Moona at our retail partners.

Why you’ll love Moona

Instant discounts, always

You’ll get a £5 discount every time you shop with Moona (that’s 10% off a £50 order). No questions asked. We automatically apply your discount at payment so you only ever pay the reduced amount.

Pay in 1 click

Once you’re a Moona member, you can pay with just your email address and password.

Secure payment

No credit card details, no security risks. Your personal details stay safe and secure.

Discover new favourites

With our network of partner retailers in the UK and around the world, you’re sure to find a new shop you’ll love. Stay tuned for more coming soon :)